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Home Theatre

Home theatres are a symbol of prestige and a posh lifestyle. It also offers the comfort of watching films and your favourite web series at the comfort of your home with all the amenities of a professional cinema theatre. As we all know installing a home theatre its self is very costly and fixing any issues in your home theatre can be costlier. If you are searching for a cost-effective repairing technician for your home theatre system then Sigma Electronics is the best name to provide Home Theater Systems Repair services in Thrissur.

At Sigma Electronics we repair all types of systems such as 5.1 Home Theater System Repair, 4.1 Home Theater System Repair, 3.1 Home Theater System Repair and 2.1 Home Theater System Repair etc. Some of the common issues found with home theatres are,

  • Home theatre not turning on
  • Poor Picture Quality
  • Poor sound or no sound at all
  • No Signal from the home theatre
  • Surround Speakers Aren’t Working
  • Front Speakers Don’t Sound Right
  • Height Speakers Don’t Sound Right
  • There’s Static Coming From My Speakers
  • My Universal Remote Doesn’t Work
  • I’ve Got No Bass
  • Experiencing Lag Between Sound and Picture

Sigma Electronics has a client base of more than fifty thousand in Thrissur itself. The quick turn around time, unbeatable quality of service and the warranty we are offering are what distinguishes us from our competitors.