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About sigma tv repair

Meet Our Master Technician

Mathew, the name would be familiar to many in Thrissur and its nearby districts. This man is famous for his repairing capabilities of consumer electronics,and according to his clients there is literally nothing he cannot repair. From latest smart TVs to home theaters and microwave ovens, he repairs everything and that too with a one-year warranty.

Let’s find out more about this exceptionally talented technician.

From our childhood, all of us have something that fascinated us, right? For young Mathew, it was  electronic devices that fascinated him. He was curious about their functionality. This curiosity ledhim to an ITI in Trivandrum and that was his turning point. After he finished his studies, there weren’t any delays in getting a job. At the age of 19 he was placed as a service center technician in the then famous BPL. It was just a beginning. His performance earned him the best performer award multiple times. Later, he worked with many multinational corporation slike Panasonic, Sony, JVC (Onida) and so on.During his decade-long tenure at Sony, he got trained by world class service engineers around the globe.

Then, it was in the year 2001 that he decided to resign from his job and start a repair shop of his own. This shop is Sigma Electronics, and we are proud to say that we are part of it. Now, having a total experience of over 35 years, Mathew and Sigma Electronics are synonyms for trust, service quality and promptness.

So, what makes Sigma Electronics unique?

Sigma Electronics is the only service center that offers a one-year warranty to the repaired parts. Not only that, we use only genuine parts that are imported. All television brands, microwave ovens, and home the atres are repaired here.

  1. Sigma Electronics has over 50 thousand happy customers.
  2. All the latest smart TVs with latest technologies are repaired here.
  3. Customers can contact Sigma Electronics at any time because we offer 24×7 services.
  4. All the repair works are completed and delivered within 24 hrs, depending on the availability of the parts.
  5. At Sigma Electronics, you can convert your normal TV into a smart TV.
    Sigma Electronics never compromise on quality, meaning no low-quality spare parts are used.
  6. Sigma Electronics is the only service center in Kerala with 4.9 rating in Just Dial.
  7. Sigma Electronics has 250+ reviews on Google with 5-star ratings.
  8. “Most television complaints we receive these days are related to LED picture jumping and color change issues. We can fix these within a few hours, provided the necessary parts are readily available with us.For microwave ovens,keyboard related issues are commonly observed. What makes us unique is that, at Sigma Electronics we can fix many issues that the company service centers cannot repair.”


To be recognized as the best service providers in electronics repair service sector with multiple branches all over the world.

Our Mission

To help people with high quality repair service at a reasonable price.


Servicing people with pride.